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1100 Series

CCL Olympic 1100 is a double sided, transparent, acrylic adhesive tape that is specifically designed for applications that require an ultra-thin yet extremely strong bonding solution such as mobile electronics and displays. The tape is supplied between a durable polyester release liner and a polyethylene cover film, ensuring effortless handling and application. Its high level of transparency make it especially well-suited for seamlessly bonding transparent materials like glass and plastics.

Technical Datasheets

11018 - TDS
0.18 mm.

11013 - TDS
0.13 mm.

11020 - TDS
0.20 mm.

11025 - TDS
0.25 mm.

11030 - TDS
0.30 mm.

11040 - TDS
0.40 mm.

* Other thicknesses available on request.

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