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3100 Series

CCL Olympic 3100 series is a transparent, double sided, acrylic adhesive tape that is engineered to create an extremely strong bond. The high level of transparency makes this series ideal for seamless bonding of transparent materials such as glass and plastics. The soft and high-tack multi-purpose adhesive ensures compatibility with both smooth as well rough surfaces, offering versatility in various applications. 

In many applications, the 3100 can be used to replace mechanical fasteners such as rivets, screws, welds or liquid adhesives.

Technical Datasheets

3105 - TDS
0.5 mm.

3104 - TDS
0.4 mm.

3108 - TDS
0.8 mm.

3110 - TDS
1.0 mm.

3115 - TDS
1.5 mm.

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