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3200 Series

CCL Olympic 3200 is a acrylic foam tape that is often used in automotive and industrial applications.

Its inherent conformal properties enable meticulous converting, providing a superior bonding solution for applications that demand the utmost precision. The multi-purpose acrylic adhesive demonstrates exceptional bonding to a wide variety of materials including metals, glass, ceramics and plastics treated with corona, plasma or a primer. In many applications, CCL Olympic 3200 can be used to replace mechanical fasteners such as rivets, screws, welds or liquid adhesives.

This product is gray or white in color.

Technical Datasheets

3204 - TDS
0.4 mm.

3205 - TDS
0.5 mm.

3208 - TDS
0.8 mm.

3216 - TDS
1.6 mm.

3223 - TDS
2.3 mm.

* Other thicknesses available on request.

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