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3300 Series

CCL Olympic 3300 is a soft acrylic foam tape for demanding applications. The tape features a soft and high-tack multi-purpose acrylic adhesive, delivering exceptional bonding capabilities across an extensive range of surfaces, both smooth and rough. The tape is further characterized by a 100% through-and-through coloring that is amongst others, uniquely available in black. This feature contributes to a professional aesthetic in application were appearance matters.

In many applications, CCL Olympic 3300 can be used to replace mechanical fasteners such as rivets, screws, welds or liquid adhesives.

Technical Datasheets

3304 - TDS
0.4 mm.

3305 - TDS
0.5 mm.

3308 - TDS
0.8 mm.

3310 - TDS
1.0 mm.

3315 - TDS
1.5 mm.

* Other thicknesses available on request.

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