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7300 Series

CCL Olympic 7300TW features a double-sided pressure-sensitive adhesive tape with a thermal conductivity of 1.5 W/mK. This product is based on a strong high-performance acrylic adhesive that provides enduring and resilient bonds. This silicone-free tape has excellent electrical insulating properties, making it well-suited for bonding heat-generating electrical components to heat sinks and spreaders.

Technical Datasheets

7304TW - TDS
0.4 mm.

73025TW - TDS
0.25 mm.

7306TW - TDS
0.6 mm.

7310TW - TDS
1.0 mm.

7315TW - TDS
1.50 mm.

7320TW - TDS
2.0 mm.

* Other thicknesses available on request.

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