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8400 Series

8425TW- TDS
2.5 mm.

8430TW- TDS
3.0 mm.

CCL Olympic 8400TW series is a tacky and very soft, acrylic, Thermal Interface Material with a thermal conductivity of 2.0 W/mK. This product is based on CCL’s latest PURE™ technology which encompasses a group of new plasticizer free and durable acrylic polymers. Together with its tacky surface and intrinsic softness, the 8400TW is an ideal gap-filler material suitable for many applications.

Technical Datasheets

8415TW - TDS
1.5 mm.

8410TW - TDS
1.0 mm.

8420TW- TDS
2.0 mm.

* Other thicknesses available on request.

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