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3100 Performance series Transparent

3100 Performance series Transparent

The CCL Olympic 3100T-serie is a transparent double-sided acrylic adhesive tape, which provides a convenient and simple bonding solution. In many applications, they can be used to replace mechanical fasteners such as rivets, screws, welds or liquid adhesives. This product is particularly suitable for adhesion to high and medium- surface energy substrates such as metals (steel, and aluminum), ceramics (glass) and a variety of plastics. Good adhesion to low surface energy substrates (e.g. PP or TPO) is also possible, if the substrate is pretreated with an adhesion promoter or when the surface is plasma/corona treated before applying the product. This product is especially recommended in combination with transparent materials or where a clear bond is required.


  • 3100 Performance series
      Thickness (mm) Liners Color
    31013 0,13 Pet / White PE Transparent
    31025 0,25 Pet / White PE Transparent
    31030 0,30 Red PE Transparent
    3104 0,40 Red PE Transparent
    3105 0,50 Red PE Transparent
    3106 0,60 Red PE Transparent
    3107 0,70 Red PE Transparent
    3108 0,80 Red PE Transparent
    3109 0,90 Red PE Transparent
    3110 1,00 Red PE Transparent
    3111 1,10 Red PE Transparent
    3112 1,20 Red PE Transparent
    3113 1,30 Red PE Transparent
    3114 1,40 Red PE Transparent
    3115 1,50 Red PE Transparent

    * Other thicknesses, liners and/or roll lengths are available on request.


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