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7400 Thermal conductive Series TC20 (2,0W/m-K)

7400 Thermal conductive Series TC20 (2,0W/m-K)

The CCL Olympic 7400TW-serie is an acrylate-based thermally conductive interface material. With a thermal conductivity of 2.0 W/mK, the 7400TW provides a preferential heat transfer path away from heat generating components. The very soft acrylic composition allows a low load during compression, and it provides a tacky surface for optimal contact to any surface. The non-silicone base of CCL Olympic 7400TW makes it ideal for automotive and electronic applications. The 7400TW is supplied in the form of 700x500mm pads.

  • 7400 Thermal conductive Series
    TC20 (2,0W/m-K)
      Thickness (mm) Liners Color
    7410 1,00 Pet / Pet Thermal White
    7415 1,50 Pet / Pet Thermal White
    7420 2,00 Pet / Pet Thermal White

    * Other thicknesses are available on request.


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