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1700 Mobile Electronics series

1700 Mobile Electronics series

The CCL Olympic 1700 Mobile Electronic series is pitch black and specifically designed for bonding a wide range of high, medium and low surface energy substrates in the electronic industry. It is typically used in application such as lens bonding, LCM attachment and bezel bonding. The unique acrylic chemistry ensures high bond strength and excellent holding power. The 1700 series shock absorbing properties are designed to meet the industry drop-test requirements and its deep black appearances gives it strong light blocking properties.


  • 1700 Mobile Electronics series
      Thickness (mm) Liners Color
    17013 0,13 Pet / White PE Black
    17015 0,15 Pet / White PE Black
    17020 0,20 Pet / White PE Black
    17025 0,25 Pet / White PE Black
    17035 0,35 Pet / White PE Black
    17045 0,45 Pet / White PE Black

    * Other thicknesses, liners and/or roll lengths are available on request.


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