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NEW: 8000 series

The durable Thermal Interface Material

Soft acrylic composition

The 8000 series is a tacky and very soft, acrylic Thermal Interface Material. The soft acrylic

composition allows a low load during compression and it provides a tacky surface for optimal contact to any surface. The combination of intrinsic softness and its tacky surface makes it an ideal gap-filler material suitable for many applications.

Product Features

  • Low compression force

  • Intrinsic adhesion

  • Electric insulator

  • Thermal conductivity of 2.0 W/m·K - 3.5 W/m·K

  • Flame retardant

  • No silicones

  • No solvents

  • No PFAS

Typical applications

Thermal interface materials are used to provide a preferential heat transfer path away from heat generating components.


  • Electric vehicle (EV) applications

  • Battery pack assembly

  • Mounting heat sinks and heat spreaders

RS3275_Thermal Insulation (Thermal Runaway Protection).png

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